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Our Mission

Design for the curious mind

Our story begins with our goal to foster curious and creative confidence in every person in order to unlock generations of innovators, leaders, and positive thinkers.

We aim to do this by creating interactive products that encourage collaborative design, critical thinking, and the sharing of ideas; like the Draw Together series. We can vouch that many people simply don’t think they are “designers” and those who do struggle to have fun and think outside the box. 

This is a learned misconception, not a natural condition. 

As the founder of GoArchitect, I personally believe that design is too often viewed one dimensionally. When in reality, it touches every aspect of our lives. I hope to be part of the journey for millions of people to apply a love for science, innovation, travel, and design to the practical and visible parts of their lives. Let’s cast away the fear of being creative and embrace that we can work together to build amazing things.

- J.P. Sanabria