Let's set the stage...

You're on the first rocket to Mars. Untold adventure and danger awaits. It's up to you to create the future of life on the Red Planet. Everything is new and the possibilities are endless.

How would you create a new world?

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What's Inside

GoArchitect's Mars sketchbook is filled with 30 design prompts that encourage fun and creative thinking. You'll design everything from the first pizza joint on Mars to advanced science labs. When you've finished with each prompt, share it with your friends on Instagram.

Makes a great gift for anyone passionate about life in space.

Plus, we can't let Elon have all the fun. 

First Colony

Science Lab





Comes in Two Styles

Draw Together: Mars

Design with a friend, date, child, anyone you like and share your work together!

Draw Together: Mars


IG: Mars

Design your vision for Mars and share your work with the world.

IG: Mars



Foster curious and creative confidence.
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