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5 of the Most Beautiful Flags in Asia

At GoArchitect we love to celebrate the beauty of cultures around the world. One of our favorite ways to make this fascination a reality was to create a collection of World Notebooks featuring stylized versions of the flags of every country on earth.

1. Bhutan

This tiny country has one fo the most unique flags in the world. The colors are bold and the symbology is fierce; we couldn't help but be intrigued and enamored. 


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2. Sri Lanka

The flag of Sri Lanka is heavy on symbolism and connects its heritage to its representation abroad.  The gold lion and the maroon background represent the Sinhalese, while the saffron border and four leaves represent Buddhism. The stripes represent the country's minorities: the orange for the Sri Lankan Tamils and the green for Muslims.

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3. Hong Kong

While not a country, Hong Kong's flag is a example of minimalist beauty. It's swirled flower evokes the flower of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree.


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4. Japan

The minimal aesthetic of Japan's flag perfectly represents the depth of this culture and its ideals. Meant to symbolize the Land of the Rising Sun, this flag is instantly recognizable and causes an emotional response not experienced with many other flags. 


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5. Nepal

As the only flag in the world that is non-rectilinear, Nepal's flag represents a unique country that is has an sense of mystery and wonder. This is well deserved as Nepal has some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world, including Mount Everest.


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