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4 Simple Ideas for your Habit Tracker

4 Simple Ideas for your Habit Tracker


4 Simple Ideas for your Habit Tracker

by GoArchitect Staff

3 weeks ago

4 Simple Ideas for your Habit Tracker

Let’s get right to it, studies claim that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Many people try to accomplish this by journaling what they have accomplished each day. This physical reminder gives them a chance to build healthy routines.

The problem is that most people try to tackle too much and if one goal fails it forms a runaway scenario and they abandon everything. For this reason, GoArchitect created a unique habit tracker that helps you form one, and only one, habit.

This way you can focus your efforts on forming habit that can act as a catalyst for further development.

Here are 4 simple ideas for what to track with your Habit Tracker.

  • Walk for 15 Minutes

  • New Years resolutions to eat right and exercise are so stereotypical they are lampooned on a daily basis. When you think about it though, their is a very good reason that so many people want to start these habits. Healthy choices have repercussions that affect almost every facet of our lives. Simply taking a walk for 15 minutes everyday will start you down the right path for a healthier year.

  • Work on your hobby

  • Everyone has that project they have been putting off for years. Whether it is a book, painting, or something simpler chances are you have an unfinished project in your garage. Now we could tell you that this is the year you will finish and that greatness is in your future but instead, focus on making small bits of progress. No matter how small, move the needle forward everyday and soon you will begin to realize that the cheesy posters that said, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” were true.

  • Keep a Friend

  • It may sound counter intuitive but making friends and keeping them are two different things. Friendships need investment and intentional nurturing to stay alive and vibrant. Take a few minutes everyday to text, email, or call someone you know. These can be professional relationships or personal; the point is to be purposeful and genuine.

  • Unplug and Read

  • Say goodbye to digital life once a day and read. It sounds simple enough but it is truly a challenge fighting against the responsibilities of work and the draw of the online world. Use the opportunity to unplug to calm your mind, learn a new skill, or connect with your child over a book.

    OK, stop reading this article and go do something.

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